Success Through Others

Developing a strong culture within any organization is paramount to its success.

The CEC focuses on these objectives help individuals and organizations build and strengthen their cultures:

  • Create a vivid vision.    
  • Understand the benefits of constant communication of the vision.   
  • Walk the talk. Are your feet and lips in synch?    
  • Clearly communicate roles and rewards.  
  • Encourage feedback – the “Breakfast of Champions.”   
  • Reflect your personality through your values. 
  • When planning, think BIG.  
  • Embrace all that comes your way with a learning mindset: 'That's fascinating!"  
  • Promote leadership at all levels – everything begins and ends with leadership. 
  • Communicate the value of “Contribution over Compensation.”    
  • Increase ownership of results through accountability.   

  • Focus on the plan; not the problem.       

  • Engage your values daily and openly.      

  • Embrace and reward "new" thinking.       

  • Develop leaders. Do you have a Leadership Lab?      

  • Implement “Span of Control:” Extreme ownership of results at every level.       

  • Expand “The Web of Accountability:” it's not just top down.       

  • Increase your leadership skills to grow your enterprise: “The Law of the Lid.”       

  • Encourage internal coaching and increasing productivity.