Success Through Others

Mission, Vision, and Values


To build careers and businesses that operate at their full capacity and develop fulfilled lives. 


We are a training, education, and consulting company that focuses on the development of leadership, productivity, and culture. 


  • Personal responsibility for all results.
  • Learning Based: Continuous learning is the cornerstone of personal growth.
  • Success through others.

Alan Rice, Founder

Alan Rice 
Educator/Trainer • Real Estate Broker/Owner • Entrepreneur

I’m a believer in the adage “an investment in knowledge pays the best interest.” In fact, education has always been my primary focus.

I received my bachelor’s degree in special education at the University of Southern Maine and my Masters in Education, Developmental Disabilities, from the University of New Hampshire

My career journey began as Executive Director of Social Services for an organization dedicated to helping institutionalized people with severe developmental disabilities. In that role, I was able to successfully put my belief in the power of education to the test by deinstitutionalizing 85 people, bringing them back into the community and providing them with residencies.

Interestingly, that brought me in touch with people in the real estate industry, one of whom hired me as its New Homes Division Manager to train developers in their 10 southern New Hampshire offices to market residential projects. I worked for that company, under different ownership with increasing responsibilities, until it was purchased by GMAC Real Estate in 1998. By that time I had already founded the Career Enhancement Center (CEC) and was training real estate agents and brokers to fulfill their potentials.

GMAC named me Senior Vice President, responsible for 32 of their 65 New England offices. While the work was satisfying, I didn’t feel as though I was fulfilling my own potential. So, in 2004, I founded Keller Williams Realty Metropolitan, a Market Center in Bedford, New Hampshire. Being part of the worldwide Keller Williams organization, with its reputation for being the best training company in the world, was a perfect fit for me.

In addition to growing my real estate company to consistently be among the top 1% Market Centers in the world, I became an Operating Partner for a second KW Market Center in Andover, MA, and serve as a business coach with Keller Williams’ MAPS (Mega Achievement Productivity Systems) Coaching Program. Through my connection with KW, there’s been a two-way integration of Keller Williams training and my own Career Enhancement Center. Today, CEC not only helps to train KW agents and brokers worldwide, it has expanded beyond real estate to coaching CEOs and business leaders in a variety of industries on a weekly basis.

While the day-to-day operations of my real estate businesses are being handled by others, the bulk of my professional time is spent training, coaching and speaking.

You may think my career takes up 100% of my time. It doesn’t. I have an equally robust and rewarding family life. I’m married to Anisia Gifford, a wonderfully talented interior designer, and business owner. Together, we have four amazing children, whose ages range from their 20s to early-40s, and two grandchildren.

I’m an avid (but, unfortunately, untalented) golfer, who loves sailing and travel. I have homes in Kennebunkport, ME and on Marco Island, FL, where we spend time about once a month.

Above all, I am living proof that “an investment in knowledge pays the best interest.”